Teziv is a product for accommodation providers of all types from homestays to independent hotel chains. The product can be used by hotel sales desk managers, hotel owners, hotel managers and hotel front office executives.
A channel manager will allow you to implement your revenue strategy with greater ease. It will also allow you to manage your room inventory on multiple channels simultaneously. While most channel managers need to be updated manually, Teziv manages all your channels in an automated manner to save you time and human resources, while maximizing your revenue generation capabilities.
Teziv helps you reduce time spent on managing room inventory on various channels and ensures that at a given time maximum inventory is exposed on all channels, thereby maximizing revenue, minimizing expenses and streamlining your sales desk.
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Technically you can manage room inventory for an infinite period to OTAs, but the individual hotel listings on individual OTAs are governed by OTAs and listings need to be open to accept inventory for such a period. Typically OTAs only accept inventory for the next 12 months. You can insist and get it opened for a longer duration but that negotiation happens between the hotel and OTA directly.
We are continuously working on introducing new channels into Teziv. You do not have to worry about paying additional fees to have additional channels. They will automatically be made available in your console.
As of now there is no provision to introduce a 3rd party online channel. But you can send in your request and we will keep it under consideration during the next update.
You can get in touch with us through email anytime for any query. We also offer telephonic support in case users are facing any difficulty with the service.
We are adding an entire SAAS based website management tool and an integrated Direct Booking Engine tool with built in payment gateway integration.
Absolutely. Data privacy and protection is a top concern at Teziv. We use encrypted servers to maintain individual databases. Additionally there are multiple redundancy servers that maintain an encrypted backup of your data in case of system failure.
Nope. Any system capable of running any modern web browser can run Teziv. All you need is a personal computer and an internet connection.

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